by Trees

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This is a debut EP by TREES


released December 24, 2016

All Songs written and performed by Trees.

Trees are:
Peter - Vocals/Guitar
Timo - Guitar
Steve - Bass/Vocals
Olli - Drums

Recorded March 2016 @ SU2 Studio by Phil Hillen



all rights reserved


trees Saarbrücken, Germany

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Track Name: Falling
I never thought that I could be like you.
I didn’t reject your beliefs.
I keep moving on before it’s all falling down.
I still don’t need any of your beliefs.
Try to reach all of my goals.
There’s a reason to go on.
Can’t deny what’s in my head, a feeling so pure to make
Rise up from the ashes and be, like you ever wanted to
Rise up ftom your ashes and be, like you ever wanted to be.

I didn’t grow up on christ beliefs, still a child to be free.
I face the facts of reality.
I never prayed so I can see, through your eyes, try to be free.
I try to face reality.

Try to reach all of my goals.
There’s a reason to go on.
Can’t deny what’s in my head, a feeling so pure to make a new start.
Track Name: Changing
Time is changing, everthing fades away.
The closer I get, the more I veer away.
Always wondering „Why am I here?“
If this is our reality, I’ll stay insane.
If this is real life living, I’ll keep raising my voice
I’m falling deeper on my knees. I can’t believe those lies, I can’t stop asking why.
I’m breaking out of this routine.
You can count me out.
You can really count me out.
Track Name: Hiding
I hide myself from reality.
I want to leave this place without any memory.
I’m discovering my identity and I realize that, this is no place to be.
It’s time for something new in my old life.

If there’s something I can do, something to make you stay? I swear, I’ll do it for you.
We need to talk about it.

There was something wrong with everything.
You said to me that I’m the one.
Still searching for the truth, behind your eyes and faded smiles.
I’m hiding myself in daydreams of older days and kissing scenes.
Still searching for the truth.
Track Name: Shining
Run away from yourself.
You broke up with everyone you know.
You can’t control your inner fear, you’ve been waiting far too long to go.
This time I swear.
With your heart on your sleeve, your eyes like shining tv screens.
We’re the kids with washed out jeans remembering all those teenage dreams.

This time I swear, everytime you look at me it feels like it is right for me.

I can’t turn my back on this, remembering all those nights.
The years are passing by.
I hope they found their ways.
Track Name: Crawling
I saw you walking down our road.
You wore those red dress.
You were looking back to your fathers house.
Where you used to live...

...and so you close your eyes.
Your faded smiles.
You try to find a way out.
Track Name: Believing
Driving down this road.
I’m sick of your phone calls and your lies.
It was not my fault.
I won’t come back.
I never thought that this could be, but this is real.
I’m feeling down but I’m breaking free, free from these memories.

I’m sick of time. I close my eyes...and I try to let go.

I never thought that this could be.
I’ve got to break, to break free!